par Giuliana Diada

Coming Soon ...

Fresh born is the restitution of a collection;
The project is a derived work featuring the collaboration of youtube users, giuliana diada and the 2Files 4Free creators.
It is a html video editing process mixing hacked videos with sculptural drawings and field recorded samples : around the theme of sensory stimulation.
It takes the form of an extended web platform, to compose and play with the making of sens and sensual.
The linearity of film sequence is disrupted by the possibility of action on its matter and the blank white space accentuate the visualisation of a subjectivity frame.
Like a mind walk in a projection of consciousness flow : with our fingers and eyes and ears connected.
Fresh Born is a process to structure links between audio and video production and distribution on the internet.
It modules itself as the combination of artists in it changes.
It can forever evolve as the collection increase, or keep its form as an audiovisual product.

Stay Tuned ...